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H. L. Leonard Policy

In 1869 Hiram Leonard designed and built his first fishing rod. It was constructed of ash and lancewood while Leonard was still a resident of Bangor, Maine.

As constant as its presence has been, Leonard's policy is to provide the angler, without compromise, the finest rods skilled hands can make and in our store, offer fly-fishing articles of only the highest quality. The integrity borne of over one hundred years of serving the angler thus rides with each item sold. It is imperative that every item we make or sell is totally in keeping with customer expectation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you, for any reason, find yourself dissatisfied with an article purchased from H.L. Leonard.

The only definitive warranty we have is on our graphite rods. We warrant the blank for a period of three years from manufacturing defects. It it breaks for any reason other than abuse we will rebuild or replace it at no charge.

Leonard's long, continued success bespeaks the genuine concern shown its patrons in the past and offers some insight into the concern we must continue to exhibit if we wish you to remain our customer and we value that above all.

Thank you very much.